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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Waving Bee...

I have been so swamped this week that I have not been posting or visiting with my blogging buddies.  I'll be catching up with you here soon!

This picture was snapped back in the summer.  He seems to be waving at me!  I really do miss the bees, butterflies and other summer critters! 

The picture still seems a little dull to me.  Please feel free to shout out any suggestions for PS Elements. 

Have a great Friday!



  1. He is waving....and I LOVE the look of sunshine and warmth in this photo! Thanks for visiting my cold blue photo. :-)

  2. I think he looks great as is; it's very pretty.

  3. I love this!!! He really does look like he's waving!!

  4. well....
    it's pretty great~
    the bokeh is fantastic.

    maybe you could brighten the flower color some.

    i dunno.
    it's pretty.

  5. What a stunning shot of the bee and flower.
    Nicely done, S Sass. Your photography is gorgeous.

    be happy,

  6. that! You caught this at just the right moment. :)

  7. Your blogging buddies will all be here, when things calm down. Sending a calming wave right back. The photo is great- maybe a touch more contrast and sharpening (I don't use PS elements- I use my old CS3 and Adobe Bridge PS3) Hang in there. :-) teri

  8. When I first saw this pic I was like, "A bee? Seriously? We have three feet of snow outside!" Ha ha. I should look back over my summer pictures too, just for fun.

    You caught that at just the exact right moment! I'd maybe increase the exposure some, but really it's a lovely shot.

  9. I don't think it's dull at all, especially now, when it is so bitter cold and snowy [here].
    Really nice shot!

  10. LOL!!! He IS waving - that is so hilarious!!! :D

    This is a really beautiful shot, but maybe bumping the contrast a smidge would give it that extra umph.

  11. Great timing and focus. If you want to give it a *zing* you can increase the contrast or the saturation.

  12. Great looks good to me. Nice reminder of the warm carefree days of summer.

  13. What a delightful photo! It looks like he's saying bye-bye for now.


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