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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Confession Time....

I am afraid of frogs.   Laugh if you want, but I am truly scared of frogs! I mean literally, scared out of my mind of frogs!!  Snakes rank only one bar higher on my fear-factor scale.   

In blogo-sphere world, I openly admitted this fear in a comment (mine was #5) at Lisa's site after a particular photograph was posted.  And by the way, all of her photos are beautiful and wonderful!   

You may be wondering why in the world would anyone be afraid of frogs?  Well, let me tell you why.  It is because when we were kids, my brother and his band of gangsters used to chase me around the yard at dusk and throw toad frogs at me.  If they were lucky enough to catch me, they would actually stuff them down my shirt.  Can you imagine??   AUGH - rotten boys!!   Gotta love growing up in the country!

Last night my husband called me outside and said to bring my camera.   The last time this happened it was a good thing.  However, something about the tone of his voice made me suspicious.  He can be a prankster at times, and seems to enjoy this crazy fear of mine.  

So, I grabbed my camera and oh yeah, there it was.  A big, fat tree frog sitting on our chimney!  

Tree frogs don't quite make me want to run away and scream like a crazy-person the way toads do.  He really is kind of cute...

Just look at those suction-cupped feet - imagining them stuck to my skin really made me cringe!!

I swear, he was looking directly at me - ready to jump onto my camera, or worse onto my head....YIKES! 

And then he decided that his job was done - enough posing.   He was leaving and going away - far away. 

Or so I thought!

This morning my husband called up to me in a very cheery voice and said "come here quick."  The warning bells were ringing loudly in my head.  It was that danged tone of voice again...

I peered into the bathroom and there he was again!!  The big fat green tree frog was clinging to the inside of our toilet bowl!!  He was happily hanging out in our toilet!  Sorry, no pics this time - I wanted him GONE!  But don't worry - he did not get flushed, just taken outside by my husband while I went squealing back up the stairs!

Afterwards, my only thought was this:  what if I had sat on the toilet without seeing him, and it had jumped onto my leg, or some other body part - CAN YOU IMAGINE??  I certainly can, and it would NOT have been pretty!!  

Have a great Tuesday!



  1. I know nothing about your husband, but I really suspect that he had something to do with the frog in the toilet bowl.

    Great shots of the cute little thing. I actually like frogs, and I'm always thrilled when I hear the first spring peepers.

  2. you can't tell me the frog got into your toilet by himself, right? Had some help from some pranksters, huh?

    Take YOUR story and substitute CATS for FROGS. That is why my husband's aunt is called "Aunt Sissy"...because his dad used to throw cats at her. Mean, and probably scared the cats to death too!

  3. I think this stinker snuck back in because we were both in and out with it being a cool evening. My husband is definitely a prankster with those things outside, but we've been married for 22 years and he has NEVER put one inside. He was laughing and really acted surprised. And, the only reason I believe him is because years ago his mother and her boyfriend lived in the country with a tree frog in their bathroom for months. It was their pet! Can you guess how many times I did NOT use their toilet? Ha-ha!

    Sandy - throwing cats on someone sounds downright PAINFUL! Can you imagine those claws trying to find something to cling to? Poor Aunt Sissy! I'd harbor some serious issues if I were her... LOL!!

  4. Afraid of frogs? Well, you'll love a previous post of mine on the subject. But please don't croak.

  5. Funny how those fears can stay with us a lifetime! He's cute!

  6. Very interesting post Nick! I remember my dad and his buddies "gigging" bullfrogs and having fried frog legs. Eeewww!

    And yes Jayne, it is funny how some things stick!

  7. You are super talented!! Great compositions and the detail is bright and clear!!

  8. BEAUTIFUL shots of the Frog! Had I sat down and he hopped up - I would have had a heart attack!

  9. I think we must be twins. I too am deathly afraid of frogs ~ and lizards and snakes. I grew up out in the country in Deep East Texas (bayou country) where there are lots of those kind of critters. I have relatives that used to go love frog-gigging. I'm with you ~ I think the frog somehow found its way into your house. My cousin's wife was once taking a bath at their lakehouse and somehow a little frog had managed to get in through a tiny hole where the sink was plumbed and managed to fall in the bathtub with her. I would have died right there. Just recently another cousin who owns some apartments was having a plumbing leak fixed where the pipes were between two walls and when they put a hole in the wall they found a whole ecosystem living there ~ including a colony of frogs! That just proves that frogs CAN get in your house!

    Love your pictures! I'll visit again soon.

  10. Thanks Kathy for visiting - glad to know I am not the only one in the world afraid of frogs and other reptiles! Please visit again and I'll be visiting you too! :)


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