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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Metal Man - A Neighborhood Find....

I decided to take a walk in our neighborhood to look for something interesting to phograph.  I did not have to walk far, just around the corner I found this interesting piece of yard art.  I have dubbed him "Metal Man."   He was created by our neighbor who is attending college and majoring in mechanical engineering.

He is a cheery fellow, and his head can spin round and round.....

What a friendly face he has.....

This is a penguin in progress that is being built for his neighbor - notice his cute webbed-appearing feet and creative bow tie!

And this is the garage where they were both created.... a college man/mechanical engineer's paradise!




  1. I just love the creativety. Some people are so talented. Great shots.

  2. Some person's junk is another person's (gulp) "treasure" (?)


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