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Monday, September 6, 2010

Magnificent Beauty!!

I am soooo excited about this post!!  My husband called me outside this evening while watering our plants and said "grab your camera."   I knew it had to be good...or at least I was hoping it was good!

Oh, it was better than good - it was magnificent.   But what exactly was it?  This beautiful creature was near our deck just lying in the grass.  When I got close, it fluttered/flapped its wings together rapidly, but did not seem to be able to fly.  

As I said, it was very near our deck and seemed to be trying to get underneath.  I did not want my presence cause this beautiful creature undue harm or stress.  However, I wanted more pictures! 

Again, more fluttering/flapping around as I tried to capture a decent shot of its underside.

The wingspan was 4 to 5".  Again, it was trying to get underneath our deck.    

I got it turned around using a stick - I was scared to touch it.  The markings were incredible - the pictures do not do it justice.

It appears as if a grass-blade pierced its wing.   At this point I decided to leave it alone and let nature take its own course. 

I am so happy to report that a few minutes later my husband watched it fly away without any sign of distress.  Hooray!  I was so relieved and hope that many others get to catch a glimpse of this magnificent beauty! 

And again, just exactly what was it - moth or butterfly?  




  1. How cool is that!!! I looked at and found him! It's a Polythemus Moth, which is a giant silkworm moth. You can see more and read about it here:

  2. How exciting, those are great shots. Last month my Hubs and I went away for the weekend and found the same kind of moth on the outside of our sliding door. I grabbed my camera and began snapping away, nothing turned out..just could not get the lighting right, I was so frustrated.

  3. Awesome...and huge! So glad it was able to stick around for it's photo shoot and then glide away.

  4. I saw one of those for the first time a few weeks ago here on the farm.
    It is a Polyphemus Moth.
    Aren't they beautiful?
    Love your pictures.

    Have a great day.

  5. Thanks Jayne and Pam for the info! I love finding new critters, unless its a snake...

  6. "magnificent" a perfect description.


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